What do we stand for?

At Terra Cotton Clothing, we have always been aware of our environmental footprint and know-how vital ethically sourced clothing is. ‘Fast fashion’ has become prevalent in the clothing industry, and our CO2 footprint has never been higher. It is shocking to see how poor the manufacturing conditions are and how high the CO2 footprint is of the clothing industry. Our small business is doing what we can to affect climate change positively. One way we are doing this is by providing a mechanism to reduce waste, increase ethically sourced clothing and give preloved clothing the opportunity to be loved again.

So now is the time to start switching up your wardrobe and adding in some ethically sourced and preloved pieces. We’ve always loved finding preloved and vintage pieces in charity shops or local fairs and decided that we’d love to find a way of providing these pieces to all of you, too.

We don’t have a particular genre or era here, just anything that’s eye-catching, unusual and deserves a second home. For all those that get FOMO remember, everything is one of a kind so don’t wait too long to get your favourite pieces.

Following our mission statement, we will be donating 5% of our profits to charities supporting environmental, wildlife and humanitarian efforts.

Hannah & Jason


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